We created a community in order to help our members create a good network, as fast as possible.  Even visionaries from established multinationals are now joining the burgeoning ecosystem to contribute to innovative ideas and build partnerships. Friendly angels and VC partners provide investment insights and capital potential to the members. The voices of the press and media are encouraged in our community so members can seamlessly build the awareness that is critical to their success. 




monthly EVENTS


Every month, a startup founder a leading VC both share their     experience in building startups, the hurdles that come up along the way, how to address them & how to be efficient. The event is an interactive discussion involving the audience and allowing them to have all their operating, funding & execution related questions answered.  

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Founders drink

Every month we gather with the members of Spark Labs and our Founders friends of the tech industry in NYC.  It is a community event where everyone brings drinks and 1 friend from the industry to make the magic happen.  Come join us, bring a friend, have some drinks and let’s have a good time among inspiring people.

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Special events & WORKSHOPS

Speakers partners

We partner with the best programs and content providers in order to make sure our members have access to all the information and education they need. From growth hacking to digital marketing, funding strategy to IP protection, we've got you covered.