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In recent months, the global refugee crisis has become the topic dominating American conversation. The situation has led many to debate the proper extent of involvement by US government. With all eyes on American policy makers, it’s the private sectors that have begun to pull resources in attempts to assist the refugees.

On February 9th at 6:30 PM the Techfugees event will welcome innovative thinkers to meet in New York City in the hopes of designing a resolution.

TechFugees will bring together a community of trailblazers in technology, design, innovation, media, and humanitarian work in the attempts to solve issues faced by global refugees. An Idea Sharing and Networking Cocktail hour will follow the collaborative Techfugees event at Spark Labs.

In the form of discussions and work sessions, the group will use the day to combine their expertise to uncover the challenges related to the global refugee crisis. Through coordination, expansion, and engagement organizers hope to take real steps toward creating solutions. Spark Labs will host a Wrap-Up event at their Union Square location to end the day. Attendees will gather for brain storming session with the entire group and will be treated to a cocktail hour of networking.