Expand NYC is the leading 1-week program focused on US Expansion & focusing on Funding, Sales & Biz Dev, Marketing & PR, Mentorship, Recruitment, Legal, Accounting & more. The program takes place at Spark Labs in the heart of Manhattan and allows you to access an extensive network of startups, corporate partners, mentors, investors and VCs.

For 1 week, the selected startups will attend 11 key meetings with professionals, mentors & venture capitals, 2 networking cocktails & access a flying desk at Spark Labs.  This program is powered by VentureOut, Rubicon Ventures, White Star Capital & Fried Frank and supported by IBM Cloud, SalesForce for Startups & KVB Partners among others.






Expand NYC program accepts tech startups who have a validated revenue model. We are looking for strong teams first and foremost, who are uniquely positioned to execute a solid expansion in NYC.  We encourage founders of all technology segments to apply to the program whether you are a B2B or B2C business.  

Proven Revenue Model, Strong team, Ready for US Expansion



Spark Labs has partnered with the industry leaders:  IBM Cloud, SalesForce for Startups, White Star Capital, Rubicon Ventures, First Mark Capital, Eniac Ventures, KVB Partners & Fried Frank to provide the expertise, exposure channels, and access to a network of industry professionals that most startups would not be able to access otherwise.

The cost of the program is $2,990 for the entire week & includes all meetings, workshops and networking events.

The program is led by Spark Labs management team who compiles 30 years of experience in the US, $100M+ in valuations attained & raised over $50M in funding from US Venture Capitals.   We have helped over 50 startups expand and scale to NYC since 2014.






In order to provide founders with the best experience, we only accept 15 entrepreneurs or execs at a time & have 1 session per month, the last week of each month.  You can APPLY for any of the session below:




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Frequently Asked QuestionS



What do I get as a participant of the program?

As a participant of Expand NYC and in addition to the program described above, you will also automatically become a member of Spark Labs, the vibrant coworking ecosystem in New York along with a 1 year access to our online platform. Membership at Spark Labs includes:

- Round-the-clock access to workspace. Spark Labs is equipped with a kitchen, two conference rooms and plenty of lounge space.

- Access to our weekly events & workshops 

- Access to our network of investors & VCs

- Access to our network of mentors

- Access to our network of selected partners for legal, accounting & recruitment services

- Access to our discounts for technology, education & classes, software

How long is the program?

Expand NYC is a 1-week long program in NYC. It takes place the last week of each month. As soon as you are accepted into the program, you will have access to our services as you prepare for the trip. It is always an option for you to extend your program beyond the 1-week mark if necessary. Let us know and we will be happy to provide you with more information about this.

Is Expand NYC only for Tech startups?

No. Expand NYC is not only for Tech startups. It is a program opened to all innovators whether the company is very early stage or generating millions in revenue already – we welcome all tech entrepreneurs, media executives, social entrepreneurs, and new business managers. Basically, we welcome a wide range of individuals ready and willing to grow their business in NYC.

If I apply, am I guaranteed a spot in the program?

No. We receive many more qualified applicants than space available. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a place to many candidates who would likely be very successful participants. For those who are denied admission, there will be the opportunity to reapply for the next batch, we have a new batch every month.



Do you provide me with a visa?

No & you do not need one. The United States has agreements with most countries to facilitate up to 3-month travel to the United States by applying to the ESTA. All questions you may have regarding the ESTA shall be answered here.

Can I stay longer than 1 week?

Depending on your ESTA situation you may be able to stay longer than 1 week. Most countries have agreements with the United States allowing their citizens to stay up to 3 months on a tourist visa. It is also possible, depending on your project and your situation, to apply for a visa. Our team is here to help you find the best option once you made the decision to stay in NYC longer or make the move for your business.


Where is Spark Labs located?

Spark Labs is located at 833 Broadway in New York, in the heart of Silicon Alley, subway stop is 14th street - Union square. 

Need more info about Spark Labs NYC - click here


How much does it cost to participate to NYC Immersive program?

Participant to the Expand NYC program will be charged a total of $2,990 for the entire week-long program. This includes all fees and charges, including application fees, enrollment fees, on-site assistance and access to the coworking space.   The fee does not include your flight and your hotel, we can however make recommendations should you need any.