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You can start using the Spark Labs address as your business address in the US: 

Spark Labs
833 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003



Let's get you connected to the Spark network. 

You can either connect via ethernet or WiFi.There are two routers: Spark and Spark 5G (for very recent machines). The password to unlock both wifi networks is "sparkmylife".



As a Shared Pack member, you are welcome to use our collaborative space Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

Each Shared Pack member received a key for the street level door to the building, tell us if you haven't received yours and we'll get one made!



We have one central wireless black and white printer at the entrance. The name appears as"Lenmark MX410" when you launch a print There is extra toner and paper under the printer. 


If you have a MAC, your operating system should be able to detect it automatically. 

If you have a PC, you will have to download the driver to connect.



We have two conference rooms - Paris and Rio, which are booked via Google Calendar. We do not allot specific hours to each tenant - we just ask that you do not book it for intervals of 1.5+ hours. We regulate the hours based on common sense, so please be reasonable and courteous to the other tenants when reserving time. So far our system works great!

We have a central google calendar, here is the direct link


Password: 833broadway

There are two calendars, one for each room. Please always make sure a room is available before you book a meeting and also never forget to change the booking if the meeting is canceled or postponed.

To "invite" the rooms to a meeting you can put the following addresses:

Paris (right room):

Rio (left room): (it's more complicated since it's a secondary calendar, if you enter a new contact "Right room" in your database it will be much easier) 


This is an open space so please be respectful towards others.
If you have an important or long call to make, take one of the rooms if available, or grab a seat on the couches out front. If you take a call at your desk, try not to be too loud.
On the other hand, if you need to concentrate, don't hesitate to tell your neighbors but never forget that this is an open space and everyone has to put in an equal effort.
Additionally, we ask that you please clean your dishes to help keep the kitchen area tidy. 



We hold a killer monthly networking event with the top players in the NYC Tech community (investors, entrepreneurs, developers etc.). Each month we focus on a different theme within the NYC Tech industry. Join us and start extending you network - you never know what business connections you'll make. 

Keeep an eye out in your inbox for your invites -- you'll see we regularly do gatherings on various topics. If you have any ideas or would like to organize something, don't hesitate to tell us about it.

Also another cool thing to do would be to leverage each other's expertise. So if you have something worth sharing, whether it is your insight on the latest trends in CPA, the best practices in customer acquisition, an update on regulations and IP laws, experience with money raising etc...or just explaining what you do, feel free to tell us about it, we would be happy to help organize calls or meetings with other members.



Every Tuesday we keep you in the loop of everything happening in the NY Tech scene. From area events to exclusive deals on startup essentials, we cover everything for the smart entrepreneur.   



In case of emergencies you can contact us at


We covered everything you need to know about our collective. More things are in store to improve our working lives in the course of the next months. In the meantime, feel free to come to us with any questions, remarks, or ideas!

Let's make this space a great place to work and enjoy :)
Connect with us on social media to stay updated on everything going on in the Lab.