Getting Fit to Enter the USA

by Matthew Sawyer, Partner, Rocket Market Development LLC


“The #1 company-killer is lack of market,” reports Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalist. Andreessen believes that companies, particularly early-stage technology companies, need to identify a substantial market and to deliver a product that can satisfy that market. This is particularly true —yet difficult to achieve — for foreign-based companies attempting USA expansion.


“To be successful here in the USA, you need to thoroughly research and analyze the market to identify, create, and validate your company’s product-market fit,” says Christophe Garnier, Managing Director of Spark Labs NYC-based US Expansion Platform.

While creating product-market fit is difficult and risky, it is absolutely possible with the help of local market development experts. These experts can provide the market intelligence to understand the competitive, customer, and distribution channel landscape. This market intelligence is essential to identify optimal target customers and best value propositions for your products and services. Then, before undergoing an expensive launch campaign, local market experts can test your Go-to-Market and product strategy to improve your chance for success.


For example, Rocket Market Development worked with a foreign-based technology company that wanted to expand their presence in the USA. The company had a technology platform for delivering multi-media, digital advertisements. The USA digital advertising market is $60 billion huge, but highly competitive and fragmented.


Rocket Market Development investigated competitors, interviewed potential customers, and talked with industry experts. We also talked with the company’s product developers and business executives to determine which product features could be highly valued by each market segment. Through this discovery, we identified a market niche – in this case healthcare and pharmaceutical companies – that required flawless delivery of legal and safety information within digital advertisements. This insight became the cornerstone for an effective Go-to-Market strategy for execution that gained an inroad for the company into the crowded market.


So to get fit — or more specifically, product-market fit — for USA expansion, foreign-based companies should get local market development expertise to understand the complicated USA market and to determine optimal Go-to-Market strategy. The investment in market intelligence is well worth the time and effort to minimize your risk and improve your chance for success.


About Matthew Sawyer:

Matthew Sawyer is Managing Partner of Rocket Market Development LLC, which helps both USA and foreign-based and technology companies reach sustainable revenue growth by identifying market opportunities and then providing the necessary strategies, processes, and resources for success. The firm partners with Spark Labs, the premier NYC-based US Expansion Platform, in providing help to companies looking for market entry validation. Matthew is an Adjunct Professor of business strategy and entrepreneurship at Parsons New School for Design and applied communications at Columbia University.   


About Spark Labs:

Spark Labs is the coworking ecosystem  & US expansion platform for tech & media companies.  Our mission is to support the creation or expansion of Tech & Media companies. We help tech entrepreneurs develop their business in the US or Europe by leveraging our space and support infrastructure. We believe that fostering great businesses starts with having the right environment, team, mentors and local connections. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that launching or expanding a company into a new market can be difficult. That's why we've decided to develop a revolutionary ecosystem for entrepreneurs with a very strong focus on community, network and relationships.