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Our network of 300+ curated mentors includes serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, functional experts,
technologists, and investors – all committed to your business’s success. Our Accelerator platform makes
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  • Arnaud Collery
    Arnaud Collery Founder

    Stand-Up for Passion

    • Anu Duggal
      Anu Duggal Founding Partner

      Female Founders Fund

      • Peter Fuller
        Peter Fuller Founder

        MadHatter Group

        • Lorien Gabel
          Lorien Gabel EIR

          Bionic Solution

          • Olivier Gerhardt
            Olivier Gerhardt CEO


            • Javier Gonzalez
              Javier Gonzalez CEO


              • Rufus Griscom
                Rufus Griscom CEO


                • Sunjay Guleria
                  Sunjay Guleria Co-Founder


                  • Chris Gunn
                    Chris Gunn Founder

                    Hogtie Media

                    • Florian Gutzwiller
                      Florian Gutzwiller Founder

                      Open Systems AG

                      • Kolja Hebenstreit
                        Kolja Hebenstreit Co-Founder

                        Team Europe

                        • Brian Hecht
                          Brian Hecht Chairman

                          American Friends of Stowe

                          • Sunwoo Hwang
                            Sunwoo Hwang Founder

                            Sixup PBC

                            • Mardi Jackson
                              Mardi Jackson Co-Founder


                              • Matt Krna
                                Matt Krna Partner

                                Softbank Capital

                                • Fabien Moreau
                                  Fabien Moreau Partner


                                  • Allen Morgan
                                    Allen Morgan Venture Advisor

                                    Mayfield Fund

                                    • Patrice Peyret
                                      Patrice Peyret CEO

                                      Banking Up

                                      • Paolo Rubatto
                                        Paolo Rubatto Managing Director

                                        Star Capital

                                        • Richard Sheldon
                                          Richard Sheldon CFO

                                          Complex Media

                                          • Bill Southard
                                            Bill Southard CEO

                                            Southard Communications

                                            • Rachel Springate
                                              Rachel Springate Founder

                                              Enright Entertainment

                                              • Salvatore Tirabassi
                                                Salvatore Tirabassi Venture Capital/Equity Investor

                                                Strategic Financial Solutions NY

                                                • Pat Shah
                                                  Pat Shah VP Digital Development


                                                  • Andy Stenzler
                                                    Andy Stenzler CEO


                                                    • Lillian Zhao
                                                      Lillian Zhao VP Sales & Marketing

                                                      Find Your Trainer

                                                      • Bilal Zaidi
                                                        Bilal Zaidi Business Lead


                                                        • Christophe Garnier
                                                          Christophe Garnier Founder & CEO
                                                          • Matt Turck
                                                            Matt Turck Managing Director

                                                            First Mark Capital

                                                            • Simon Berger-Perrin
                                                              Simon Berger-Perrin Head


                                                              • Chiranjeev Bordoloi
                                                                Chiranjeev Bordoloi Global Growth Executive

                                                                Innovation Incubation

                                                                • Anshey Bhatia
                                                                  Anshey Bhatia Founder


                                                                  • Sonny Caberwal
                                                                    Sonny Caberwal Technology Executive

                                                                    Newell Brands

                                                                    • Thomas Caleel
                                                                      Thomas Caleel Managing Partner

                                                                      Toro Advisory Partners

                                                                      • Sandira Calviac
                                                                        Sandira Calviac Founder


                                                                        • JC Jung
                                                                          JC Jung CEO

                                                                          Venture Partner

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