Our Mission

Today’s tech companies need to go national and global very quickly, while keeping their operating cost low. Spark Labs has created a unique U.S expansion and support platform dedicated to companies seeking to take over the U.S. market fast and efficiently. As experienced foreign tech entrepreneurs ourselves, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to launch or expand in a new market while maintaining flexibility and being in the right collaborative environment. Yes we can provide access to the best workspaces in the U.S. but Spark Labs is so much more than that… Its collaborative platform for entrepreneurs, innovators & business teams empowers its members to leverage all the ressources and benefits they need in order to grow their business in America.

Management Team

  • Christophe Garnier
    Christophe Garnier Founder & CEO

    Spark Labs | New York

  • Ginger Dhaliwal
    Ginger Dhaliwal CPO

    Spark Labs | New York

  • Adrien Gautier
    Adrien Gautier CFO

    Spark Labs | New York

  • Pierre Davidoff
    Pierre Davidoff CTO

    Spark Labs | New York

Advisory Board

  • JC Jung
    JC Jung CEO

    Bodhi | New York

  • Laurent Van Soen
    Laurent Van Soen Associate

    Spark Labs | Europe

  • Chiara Jovanovic
    Chiara Jovanovic CEO & Co-Founder

    Change The Run | New York

  • Nihal Mehta
    Nihal Mehta Founding Partner

    ENIAC Ventures | New York

  • Abby Levy
    Abby Levy President

    Thrive Global | New York

  • Ilan Abehassera
    Ilan Abehassera COO & Co-Founder

    Willo | New York

  • Eric Martineau-Fortin
    Eric Martineau-Fortin Founder & Partner

    White Star Capital | New York

  • Ashley John Heather
    Ashley John Heather Managing Partner

    White Space Group | New York