Boost your Success

Founded in 2013, Spark Labs offers a unique coworking experience in NYC for entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers from around the world to create, grow and scale their business faster.

We are dedicated to helping creators grow their businesses while unlocking a unique network of professionals and take advantage of networking and learning opportunities through our network of spaces.

As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to launch or grow a business while maintaining scalability and profitability. We created the Spark Labs global community in order to overcome these challenges and empower our members to accelerate their business to & from anywhere.

Advisory Board

  • JC Jung
    JC Jung COO

    Tarform Motorcycles

  • Laurent Van Soen
    Laurent Van Soen Associate


  • Olivier Attia
    Olivier Attia CEO

    Gershon Consulting

  • Nihal Mehta
    Nihal Mehta Founding Partner

    ENIAC Ventures

  • Abby Levy
    Abby Levy President

    Thrive Global

  • Ilan Abehassera
    Ilan Abehassera COO & Co-Founder


  • Eric Martineau-Fortin
    Eric Martineau-Fortin Founder & Partner

    White Star Capital

  • Ashley John Heather
    Ashley John Heather Managing Partner

    White Space Group